Marathon is Life


They say every time you run a marathon you won’t be the same person from the start and at the end and it’s true.

It was nice and sunny day on Saturday morning of 21st of April when I came to run on 31st Marathon in Belgrade and my first marathon run ever. Lots of dedication, self-discipline and training in past months have helped me to make that brave step forward and break the barrier of my comfort zone.

Since childhood naturally I loved to run and running was something that have helped me to overcome obstacles of everyday life in many occasions.

In past months most of my runs I have ran early, very early in the morning like between 4 and 5 am and I was not well prepared for this race. However, an excellent organization and support along the track have helped me a lot. Honestly I would never make it without that support. Drums, classical music, cheering and clapping from supporters, hard work of race staff, support from friends and family made it all happen.

Even it felt like I left my soul on the road there I was  so grateful to pass that finish line.

Like being reborn. All pain and suffer goes away. And If you haven’t yet you should definitely  try for a good cause.

For those interested in numbers I will only say that I was not on any winning position but being in top ten percent of entire number of finishers made me feel good knowing that still in this age I could do it.

Till next night Marathon I would like to thank you for reading this blog and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.



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